Police Mobile Apps create Community Partnerships

Police Mobile Apps create Community Partnerships

Police mobile apps keep the community connected

Community Policing is a term you’ll hear at every police agency across the country. The concept is quite simple really. Partner with the community in order to solve problems. One thing often overlookePD Outreach - Police Mobile Appd is that police departments need to make it convenient for residents to report quality of life issues. More than 6 billion PD Outreach - Police Mobile Apppeople are expected to be using smart phones by 2020. Police departments need to stay up to date with current technology and the latest trends. Smart phones are all about apps. Enter PD Outreach. A police mobile app that truly connects communities with their police departments.

The other day I was driving through a neighborhood and came across 3 different mattresses on the sidewalk, an overturned shopping cart, and a broken 50″ television.  All of these items appeared to have been sitting for days.  No resident wants to see blight like this in their neighborhood yet the items all sat there as if nobody cared.  If the residents had a police mobile app such as PD Outreach installed on their smart phone, the issues could be resolved rather quickly.  PD Outreach has a feature called “Report Issue” where the user selects the type of issue from a drop down box.  The next step is to enter the address of the issue or just tap a button that will instantly grab their GPS location if available.  They enter a short description of the issue and optionally take a photo of it.

The police department is immediately notified of the issue along with the address, description, and optional photo. In the PD Outreach content management system, each type of issue in the drop down box is programmable.  As an example, if a report of graffiti is made, Graffiti Removal can be notified and can respond immediately to clean it up.  If illegally dumped furniture is reported, city yard workers can respond instantly to pick it up.reportissue  Not only is this getting the community to participate in fixing problems, it creates an opportunity to provide amazing customer service.  Imagine how a resident would react if the issue they reported was resolved within minutes.

Gone are the days where residents need to tie up police communication centers to report shopping carts and graffiti.  By giving them a more convenient method of reporting issues, community policing improves.

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